Do I Ever Need Worship Time Today

Looking forward to worship at church this morning. It has only been three days back to teaching and I need worship time. After church, it will be coffee shop time. Yesterday was power nap day and today is refuel day.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love being with my students in the classroom. But each time I receive an email that there was a confirmed case of COVID in my school building, I ask myself if I am crazy for continuing. We had two such emails in three days. My morning prayer shifted last week from help me be a blessing to I don’t want to go but help me be a blessing anyway. Not a very spiritual prayer I know.

The tempting thought is to retire and spend time writing. I can easily see myself hanging out at a coffee shop and writing every day. That would combine two things I enjoy coffee and writing. Alas but there is no money in writing at least at the beginning and there are bills to pay.

So off to church I go to hopefully be refreshed and then off to the coffee shop.

What will you be doing on this Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Do I Ever Need Worship Time Today

  1. That feeling is completely human and natural. COVID is not a joke. Whenever I go to school, I always pray that we are protected from COVID. An advantage here is that we do not have yet face to face classes upto now but teachers report to school following a schedule. Still, it is scary.

    Writing and coffee is a perfect combination.
    I love coffee too. Haha. 😊

    Have a blessed day/night.

  2. It’s hard to keep plodding on when there’s so much uncertainty. Keep praying Big Brother. God will show you what to do. Church, coffee and writing sound like a great day together! Happy Sunday!
    Sunday morning church, lunch, nap, (hopefully) back to church for choir practice, prayer, Sunday evening church. We are having communion tonight and foot washing Wednesday night. Then, it’s back home, lay things out ready for work Monday. And then lights out. 😅 😴

  3. Focus on those relationships in the school!! You are soooo good at conversing and relating to others! God has a great purpose for you being there, for His glory!!

  4. To answer your question, “No, you are not crazy to keep teaching!” Your students need you! Praise God we are still teaching in the classroom at my school and I pray it stays that way!

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