Memories of My Coffee Shop

Friday this week and next are teacher planning days for us to work from home. It doesn’t matter where we do our work on planning days but due to COVID, the idea is we stay home. In the past on teacher planning days, if you can keep my secret 🙂 , I might have done so at my favorite coffee shop. Alas that is not an option since my favorite coffee shop is closed for sitting inside due to COVID.

Yes I can still drink coffee at home, dark roast black no sugar, but it is not the same. For me it is about the interesting people to observe, the jokes to tell, and the overall experience. Some examples

People playing cards I walk by and say- “he has cards up his sleeve or she has been dealing off the bottom of the deck.”

Someone reading a Bible I walk by and say- “I have read that book. In the end Jesus wins. Oh sorry I gave away the ending.”

Students doing homework I walk by and say, “I tell my students tests are a celebration of knowledge.”

So on this teacher planning day work from home day, I can only cherish the memories of my favorite coffee shop. Jokes are building inside of me awaiting that happy day that I can once again enjoy sitting in there.

What are your plans on this Friday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “Memories of My Coffee Shop

  1. You could tell your jokes here while your favorite coffee shop is close for the moment. 😄 And, am sure, many of us would be happy to read your jokes.

    Have safe planning days. God bless you.

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