Forgot My Lunch But

I forgot to bring my lunch today and thought I would need to order delivery, but one of the moms in my class brought me this. They spoil me. Every time one of the moms in my class brings me food I think, “God is with me” lol.

They all took a test this morning so after they finished, I showed a video of puppies 🐢 to help them relieve stress. I told them no matter the results that I am proud of them. By the way, watching videos of dogs 🐢 is one way I unwind after crazy busy days.

How is your day?

Thank you for reading. God bless.w

26 thoughts on “Forgot My Lunch But

  1. That’s nice they bring you food. Watching puppy videos is a good idea. Definitely peaceful. Our day is kind of rough. Our daughter is sick. She might have covid. We are waiting on test results. The doctor should call us tonight. Good news is she is feeling better today. No fever today and no nausea. She was really sick last night. Prayers definitely appreciated. I tested negative today, so hopefully her results are negative too. I started my new job last week. I’m off work for now this week and I can’t go back until we know the test results for our daughter. I’ve been wanting to write a post about my new job, but it’s been very busy adjusting to the new schedule, and now this. Giving it all to the Lord. God bless.

      1. She is still sick, but doing better. Still has a recurring fever and bad cough. She is able to eat a little better though. I’m fighting what she has now too. I was coughing last night and had a fever this morning. We definitely appreciate everyone’s prayers.

  2. Very sweet and thoughtful of the lady who brought you food. Puppy videos- I often gravitate towards them, they are so cute and fun to watch.

    1. Last night a friend from Bosnia arranged a delivery for me of a double cheeseburger with gluten free bun and fries. I am blessed by my friends πŸ™‚
      The cases of COVID are going down here, so I hope the coffee shop opens soon. πŸ™‚

  3. God IS with you. But that’s not surprising because you are always drawing near to Him, so He draws near to you. ❀❀ He would be faithful anyways… but we do get to feel His presence all the more when we participate. πŸ™‚

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