It’s A Coffee Shop Kind of Day

Just finished with my friend from Venezuela helping prepare for the TOEFL. Where else would I be? Yes, the coffee shop. ☕️😀 I managed to get a groan from one of my jokes from the young woman working so I accomplished that much today.

I finally have time to catch up on blogging. It has been that kind of week. Two more crazy busy weeks until spring break week for my day time classes.

What are you up to on this Saturday?

6 thoughts on “It’s A Coffee Shop Kind of Day

  1. Going to a coffee shop sounds nice. It has been a busy couple weeks for us too. Everyone is finally over that crazy virus we were fighting. I haven’t been blogging as much recently either because I’m trying to adjust to my new schedule with a full time job. We are just resting this weekend. We might go to Starbucks later. Right now, I’m just watching the news and praying for Ukraine. I read your post about your Ukrainian friends. It was very good. Praying for peace. God bless them all.

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