Animals Fellow Bloggers Make Me Think Of

For the majority of my young life, wink wink, people could not have chickens in their backyards. Thus the only “wildlife” we would see in my city were squirrels and the occasional racoon or possum. Then beginning about five years ago, the city law was changed and people were allowed to have chickens in their backyards. The result? We now see foxes scurrying around our city sometimes. They are looking for dinner aka the chickens.

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Thinking about that today put me in one of my rare humorous moods, so I would like to share with you about some of my fellow bloggers and the animals that come to mind when I think of them.

Alicia of Alicia lives in my state off the beaten path just outside a small town. I do think she has running water in her home as well as electricity. I know she has internet only because she blogs and internet is needed for that. So when I think of Alicia, I think of that old song Home on the Range. and buffalo, antelope, coyotes, and mountain lions.

Vanessa of lives in Florida, so I am convinced when she goes out her door, she has to watch for alligators. I think alligators are probably everywhere in Florida. I wonder if Vanessa has ever eaten alligator meat? I heard that is a thing in Florida.

Temi of Temi is originally from Nigeria, so the animal that comes to mind may surprise you. When I think of Temi, I think about Golden Retrievers. She has two little boys. When I was a boy, I had a Golden Retriever who was my best friend. I think Temi’s little boys need a Golden Retriever, maybe two, or three or four. Also Golden Retrievers are gentle and kind, both of which describe Temi.

David of David lives in Oklahoma but the reason for the animal I would pick for David is because he teaches Kindergarten. Therefore, David needs a stable full of ponies for the little children in his class to have pony rides.

Beverley of Beverley lives in Barbados which is an island in the Caribbean Sea. So when I think of Beverley, I can easily envision her swimming with dolphins. Dolphins are so cool and so fun. I think she would have fun swimming with dolphins.

Brenda of Brenda lives in Upstate New York and likes nature walks. She looks for bears each time she goes for a walk. I know she won’t admit to it, but she has some bear friends. She loves to play in the snow with her bear friends.

Tina of Tina is so sweet and she can be playful. However, she has shared her struggles in her blog. So I think she needs a houseful of puppies. Puppies make us smile, Puppies are playful and sweet like Tina. If not in her own home, then in a home nearby, she deserves a houseful of playful puppies.

Cynthia of Cynthia lives in Kenya, so one might think I would go with a majestic lioness because Cynthia is a majestic daughter of God. In a surprise pick, I choose a koala bear from Australia for her because koala bears like to cuddle and I am sure she would love to cuddle with a koala bear.

Dawn of Should I pick an owl for her because owls represent wisdom? Should I pick an eagle because they soar like she does? Should I pick a penguin because they are fun like she is? For Dawn, I think she just needs a whole zoo of all kinds of birds and other animals. Maybe such a zoo could be in her backyard.

I know you are perhaps thinking Matt has too much time on his hands. You might be right about that. I hope you enjoyed my ever so rare display of humor. 🙂

Feel free to suggest animals for me in the comments, but please no cats because I am allergic to cats and such comments might make me sneeze.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “Animals Fellow Bloggers Make Me Think Of

  1. I am honored to make your animal list, Matt. A stable full of gentle ponies is perfect for kindergarteners. I would need to advertise that there’s also a unicorn 🦄—even if she’s temporary staying at another farm. Seriously, I don’t make a practice of lying to little kids but most of them believe unicorns are real.

    For you, I pick a butterfly 🦋, because you flit around—landing on surprised shoulders and brightening tired days. And you do this even though you’re often tired yourself.
    Thanks again for the mention. This was fun!

  2. Hi Matt. You are very brave with your choice of animals for each person. I was hoping you would pick cats for me but I guess you did not because you are allergy to them.

    The domestic animal I will pick for you is a dog 🐕. The wild animal is a Lion because you are courageous and is not afraid of challenges.

    I must let you know that I am not from Barbados. I am a Jamaican who relocated to the British Virgin Islands where I am currently living. They use to have ‘swim with the dolphin’ but it was destroyed with the hurricane. They relocated the dolphins.

  3. Awww thank you big brother. This was a creative post. I pray for wisdom regularly. I am thankful I am displaying wisdom by God’s grace. I agree with Beverley, a dog represents you. They are caring and many of them keep watch. You are caring and keep watch over others. You’d actually make a great zookeeper for all the animals lol. 🤗❤️

  4. Ohh I laughed through this!! Thank you for the smiles and chuckles! So fun!!

    Buffalo, coyotes, mountain lions are spot on and I think there are antelope in the pan handle! After reading this I realize I need to switch places with Beverly so I can see dolphins!!

  5. That made me smile. I’m dog sitting our neighbors dog while he’s away. She’s an old pup. 13 years. She’s very sweet and mild mannered. Puppies would be fun. I watched a video of a monkey with kittens the other day. It was very cute. Thanks for thinking of me dad. ❤

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