What If The Church Stepped Up?

With the recent Supreme Court decision and possible ramifications of it, my post is not about the decision itself or debating it. My post is about things the church could have been doing all along that will be sorely needed now. When I say church, I mean it in the overall nationwide sense not regarding any specific individual church. I also mean the members of the church as in Christians.

I have worked in Title I schools for thirteen years. Though my work is specifically with refugees/immigrants, my work has made me very aware of the plight of those living in low income neighborhoods. I have often wondered why Pro Life has not included adding being the hands of Jesus for people struggling in life.

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

Foster care is a huge problem. There are far too many children living in foster care. I will never forget a little boy in Kindergarten Jump Start, which is one week for the little ones to experience school before all the kids start. The first morning he told me he was nervous. As I listened, he told me he does not live with his mom or dad. His expressions and body language showed me he felt shame. What could happen if more Christians stepped up as foster parents?

A huge need for single moms and moms with partners in low income areas is childcare for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. What could happen if churches put more emphasis on something like supporting both financially and with staff free childcare centers in low income areas?

Adoption is perhaps going to be needed now more than ever. What could happen if more Christians stepped up to adopt babies who for whatever reason the birth mother cannot or in some cases it would be harmful for her to keep the baby? The video I am sharing is a powerful message about what can happen when a loving family adopts a baby.

These are just a few thoughts/questions that come to mind as I think about not only what could happen if the church steps up in such ways, but also what could have happened all along. If the church had been doing such things all along, how many of the 65 million babies aborted over the past 70 years could have been born?

Thank you for reading. God Bless,

25 thoughts on “What If The Church Stepped Up?

  1. Too many so call Christians are judging others too much as well as people like my daughter can be on the chopping block next because of being disable, please everyone needs to step back and to understand what they just did. I was a rape victim once as a little girl of seven and then at the age of sixteen from my father, as well as my own husband rapping our daughter and yes once I found out I threw him out with a protection order and I am divorcing him. Too many men can do whatever they want and get away with it. As well as many are trying to take pain medication away from my daughter and other who are chronically ill, when will this ever stop. By the way many so call Christian homes are not safe. These white people feel even if you are not married to another white person it is wrong, and if you are a part of the gay community it is wrong. We are called to love and not judge

  2. You bring up an important point, Matt. Some choose to focus on one segment of society but show inadequate concern for other elements of that same society. There are many children who are at risk, through no fault of their own. We must be the heart, hands, and feet of Christ to both these like children and their, often broken, families.

  3. Emotion-filled post! Thank you Matt for sharing this incredible story. Our society (including churches) can do a better job of supporting life, especially where overwhelming needs exist. My wife and I have been blessed with two adopted granddaughters.

  4. I agree that pro life should include those who are already here and struggling. I have a friend who is single, never married, no kids and 45, who believes God is leading her to adopt. ❤️

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