Am I Pro-Birth or Pro-Life?

Sunday afternoon I had a good conversation with a young woman about many things in the coffee shop. She is not a Christian, however, she is working on her Master’s in Social Work, so we have some common interests. One of the things we talked about is the political climate in the USA which included the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Roe V Wade.

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A week ago, I shared a post What If The Church Stepped Up? In that post I stated my intent is not to debate and the same is true of this post. In that post I mentioned a few things, providing childcare centers, adoption, and foster care that if the church as a whole had been doing all along, a much better job, perhaps the 65 millions abortions since 1972 would have been a smaller number.

On to my question. Am I Pro Birth or Pro Life? By Pro Birth I mean we protest, work against, etc abortion with no follow through in the years to help the mother. By Pro Life I mean that we step up and provide child care in low income areas for single moms or low income moms and other efforts to support disadvantaged women.

I read about a case of a woman who was raped but chose to keep the baby. Her rapist sued for custody and child support. How is that conducive to being Pro Life? How in the world does a rapist be given custody and the woman who was a victim forced to pay child support? The judge reversed his ruling, but still it should not have happened in the first place. A link- Article.

Laws need to be in place to protect women in such cases and we who claim to be Pro Life should be the loudest voices for such.

A blogger I know, Vanessa of is a shining example to me of what Christians could have been doing all along. After having two of her own children, she opened her heart and home to adopt three children. She even has an arrangement for one of the birth moms to be involved in the child’s life.

A family at my church provided foster care the baby of a single mom who was put in jail for a short sentence. The family loves the baby and husband and wife were the first parents the baby knew. But they maintained friendship with the birth mother and the birth mother became a Christian. The birth mother was reunited with her baby after she was released, but it was emotional for the family who took the baby in. Now the single mom and her baby are part of the family and join for things like Christmas celebrations.

So what I am proposing is that we as Christians step up in a variety of ways that are Pro Life not merely Pro Birth with things like working for compassionate laws for women who are rape and incest victims, using money to fund child care centers not multimillion dollar buildings for church buildings with all the fancy things, work for better adoption laws, and much more.

One other issue is what about women who have an ectopic pregnancy, or the baby is not viable in the womb, or the mother’s sorely needs life saving medical treatment that could put the baby in danger. We should be advocating for women and laws to protect them in such cases.

These are the types of issues that cause me to carefully consider am I Pro Life or only Pro Birth?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

25 thoughts on “Am I Pro-Birth or Pro-Life?

  1. Pro birth or pro life is an interesting question to pose. I am thinking that everyone who is pro life should begin to grapple with this question and give it thoughtful consideration. Christians who are pro life could be asking God, “Show me Lord where I am called to step in and help. What’s my Heavenly assignments in all of this?”

    Great post Matt!

  2. Amazing thinking dad. Very thoughtful and thought provoking. Yes, we should consider these things and ways that we can be Pro Life not only in words but in deeds as well. Yes, are we Pro Life or Pro Birth. May God lead us in the way we can actively support mothers and their children.

  3. It is almost as if you were present at the conversation we had with our girls and they said the same things. As a church and the family of God we have failed. We need to differentiate between pro birth and pro LIFE, because that matter

  4. Wonderful that Vanessa has an arrangement for the birth mom to see the child. I hope those who are able will do more adopting. Prayer is key so we can be led by the Spirit, take action and accomplish these things. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Great post. There was a ministry in the Boston area a few years ago who took in young pregnant girls who had nowhere else to turn except abortion. They have then a place to live during pregnancy, took care of them after birth for awhile until they could get on their feet financially. Also taught them life skills and offered them the gospel. Becoming Christian was never a requirement to stay there (although a goal). Several years ago they had to shut down after 30 years because they could not get the financial support from churches in the Boston area. Many of those young mothers had incredible testimony but it was never enough to get the support they needed to continue. Shameful.

    Most of the young girls who seek abortion have no options offered to them unless there happens to be a ministry like this that is committed to do whatever it takes to take care of these women and their babies.

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