Seeing An Old Friend from France

In June 2004, I had the blessing of teaching in a conversational English language camp in Saint Genis Laval, a suburb of Lyon France. It was a great experience of meeting people and experiencing French culture. The food was SO good including the absolutely best chocolate mousse I have ever had. My friend and the church he was pastor of organized the classes.

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There were a few humorous moments involving me, which I am sure surprises you. One was trying to make popcorn in the microwave and not being able to figure out how to open it, which resulted in badly burned popcorn. Another was trying to play Bocce Ball, which involved having a bit of finesse. I played American football and finesse was not my thing. My team lost because of me.

The best part was getting to know and spend time with some French people. The morning classes were for teens and the evening ones for some adults. We had fun learning together as I helped them with English and they shared their culture with me. I had the opportunity to learn a bit about France that one does not learn in textbooks such as seeing where the people of Lyon helped Jewish people hide during World War II.

My friend was in Lincoln visiting my church to see friends. I call him my old friend in reference to meeting him some years ago not in reference to his age because we are the same age and I am not old. πŸ™‚

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Seeing him and his wife again reminded me of a wonderful truth for those who believe in Jesus. Christian friendships are eternal, so even if we see each other sparingly, we can have joyful fellowship in such moments.

Seeing him also caused me to think about how I would like to return to France someday and take in more of that beautiful country, meet more of its people, and of course enjoy more great food.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “Seeing An Old Friend from France

  1. Matt, I always appreciate your posts about your travel to other countries, and that you experienced with each trip. What a blessing to see an old friend once again!

      1. Years ago, I made a trip to Canada where I enjoyed visiting Edmonton. It was before you needed a passport to do so. With no passport, I am probably content to just travel in the U.S.

  2. I am thankful for our old friendship! (Though I do realize that I am getting pretty old, so I’m not sure where that puts you!) It was truly great to see you again!

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