Two Friends As Teens/Two Different Paths In Life

What a difference Jesus makes in a life. I have a reminder of that often when I check my Facebook. One of my FB friends is someone I used to hang out and party with when I was a teen. We both had family problems growing up and were looking for escape. But out lives took very different paths.

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My therapist one time said to me, “You did not become a statistic. People who go through what you did growing up often become drug addicts, alcoholics, in prison or dead. You are not only a survivor. You are a victor.”

I give all of the credit to Jesus and how he has worked in my life. He has given my life meaning and purpose. He has blessed me with sharing his love with people from all over the world. He has blessed me to be able to become a teacher and in part-time ministry.

When I see my friend from years ago post on FB, I am saddened by what his life has been and become. He still struggles with escaping through alcohol and has not changed much over the years. He has never had a career. He is stuck in the condition we were both in as teens,

When I see his posts, the phrase ‘there but by the grace of God go I’ comes to mind. It is only by God’s grace and mercy that my path in life has taken a different course. I am so thankful for the difference Jesus has made in my life and the path he has led me on.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Two Friends As Teens/Two Different Paths In Life

  1. Amen! Thank God for the path you chose! Narrow is the gate, my friend. We are blessed to choose the path. Oh how I chose the wrong ones got a bit! But for the grace of God! Prayers, brother!

  2. Praise God for His mercy, grace, and offer of salvation through Jesus!! I was on the wrong road (due to complex childhood trauma) for most of my teen years and a few years into my twenties but thank God my attention was grabbed and directed to Him!!!!
    Praying for your friend, everyday he breathes there’s still hope for his salvation.

  3. Glory to our mighty loving God! He changes us. Thank you for sharing your story to us and inspiring us with the power of God to change us and make us new. True, every good we have in us is only by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Take care, brother Matt.

  4. God’s amazing grace and mercy makes a difference in each of our lives. He leaves the 99 sheep in the pen and goes and seeks the lost sheep. May your old friend come to know his loving Father!

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