Please Pray for My Home State- Nebraska


Normally I drink my coffee out of a mug to save on paper, but due to water restrictions all coffee shops are only serving in paper cups to reduce dish washing.

My home state Nebraska is having terrible flooding problems in many locations. It is the result of ice thawing on rivers while at the same time a huge storm came and dumped either a lot of rain or snow last week. Numerous towns have been evacuated. Bridges and roads have been washed away.

If you want to see how bad it is here, google Nebraska flood and you can see pictures. It is so bad that a Spanish speaking network based out of Florida ran a story about it.

My home city Lincoln has not been flooded mostly because we are not close to a river. But we have been affected by the flooding. Power has been an issue for our water wells pumping, so we have a mandatory water restriction use at this time.

Restaurants have been told to serve food on paper plates to greatly reduce dish washing. Yesterday a friend took me to lunch to support a local coffee shop at this time. I had a sandwich on gluten free bread.



Car washes have closed. There was a run on bottled water today. Fortunately I was able to buy 3 packages of 24 bottles of water yesterday morning before the run started. Last night a friend spent 2 hours waiting to buy bottled water.

People are stepping up though. Donations are pouring in. Trucks of bailed hay are being donated by farmers in other states for farmers to feed their cattle here. Supermarket chains have donated semi truck loads of food and water to the towns hit hard.

Samaritan’s Purse is in Nebraska to help people affected by the floods. They will be sharing God’s love while at the same time meeting immediate needs. If you would like to help, Samaritan’s Purse is an organization Jesus has raised up to show his love through disaster relief. You can click on Samaritan’s Purse Nebraska.

It will take a long time for some towns to rebuild. Many people have lost everything. We have had flooding before but it has been in one area. This time multiple areas of the state have been hit hard throughout the state.

Please pray for us and prayerfully consider donating.

Thank you. God Bless.


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