Music Mondays- Faith and Wonder by Meredith Andrews

This name that shakes the mountain tops
The only word that breaks the curses off
Your name, the one that covers all
It’s higher than the others, higher than the others

The name of Jesus is above all names. There is power in his name and in his name alone. I love the lyrics to Faith and Wonder by Meredith Andrews.

This week’s Music Monday song was suggested to me by my little sister Sherita of She took some time off from her blog, but she is back to posting, so this post is in honor of her return. 🙂

Whatever we face in this life, Jesus is greater than anything. He is above all things. He has all power and invites us to come to him.

Whatever you are facing. listen to this song and lift it up to Jesus. He wants us to give him our problems. He wants us to come to him for help in our time of need. He has already invited us. We only need to respond and come to him. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

7 thoughts on “Music Mondays- Faith and Wonder by Meredith Andrews

  1. Wonderful song! Thank you for sharing. May others come to the Lord today with the weight of life’s burdens. He wants to assist you in carrying the load. He never grows weary.

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