Time for Another Blogging Part/Share A Post Event

It’s time for a Blogging Party. Yes another Share a Post Event. I borrowed these terms and ideas from fellow bloggers Brenda of becominghistapestry.com and Phoebe of .phonemd.com. Beverley shares about her faith in her blog and humorous stories about her life as a mom and wife. Phoebe shares about a variety of topics and also has a charity selling sea glass jewelry with proceeds going to help children.

Photo by Padli Pradana on Pexels.com

Here is how it works. In my comment section share a post from your blog, a brief description about your blog, and of course include a link for the post and for your blog.

If you share a post, please also check out the blogs of others who share a post. πŸ™‚

Why am I doing this?

Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw on Pexels.com

To say THANK YOU to everyone who follows my blog. My recently went over 800 followers which is something I never imagined happening when I first started blogging. By opening up a Blogging Party/Share A post Event, it is my way of saying thank you and also paying forward. πŸ™‚

I want to thank the following bloggers for commenting the most on my blog. I enjoy comments and interaction with my fellow bloggers.

Dawn of drawingclosertochrist.com. She shares about her faith. She was also the top vote recipient for who I should cook Thanksgiving Dinner for next year. Congratulations on winning Dawn. πŸ™‚

Herry of herrychiccounsels.com. She shares her faith and life in Nigeria.

Deborah of greatisgodsfaithfulness.blog. She shares about her life and faith.

Beverley of becomingtheoilandthewine.com. She shares about her faith and life.

Tina of godskidspeaks.com. She is my little sister in Jesus and also my fellow Spoonie.

33 thoughts on “Time for Another Blogging Part/Share A Post Event

  1. My Blog: GOD’S LOVE link: https://godscourage.wordpress.com
    About Blog: My blog is to bring the word of GOD to the people. To let the people know about the signs and warnings that GOD is showing us. To help those who want a relationship with GOD. And To let people know my relationship with GOD and how my life changed for the better.
    Post Name: True love comes from GOD link: https://godscourage.wordpress.com/2019/09/10/true-love-comes-from-god

  2. Wow 800 followers!! πŸŽ‰
    Congratulations big brother! πŸŽ‰Thanks for mentioning my blog. I enjoy commenting. Praying your blog continues to touch lives for Jesus. Looking forward to my microwave turkey next year!πŸ˜‰ ❀️

  3. Congratulations on hitting 800 followers, very well deserved my friend. πŸ™‚
    I blog at simplychronicallyill.com and discuss how I live with mutiple chronic illnesses.

  4. Let me start off by congratulating you on your 800 followers. GOD is good all the time. You inspire a lot of people even me. The thing you talk about is up lifting and a blessing. GOD Bless you and I am very happy that you made this blog.

  5. Congratulations big brother! I am glad to be one of the 800 + followers of your blog.

    Please visit christianmommas.com for inspirational motherhood and parenting posts written by me and my friends. Thank you.

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