Story Time- Surprising My Assistant on Her Birthday

In my morning Family Literacy class, I have a teaching assistant. Each year I have a new one. My assistant this year is a young woman who my students adore. Yesterday was her birthday.

I wasn’t sure if we would be able to surprise her because she is a smart young woman, but we gave it a go. The students made cards for her, one student made a gelatin, and the students pitched in to buy a cake for her.

I asked her to make some copies for me which got her out of the room. Once she left the room, we got set up bringing in the gelatin and cake from the room next to mine. When she walked back in we clapped for her and sang Happy Birthday. She was surprised and it was a wonderful morning.

She deserved to be blessed and the students enjoyed surprising and blessing her.

Do you know who we can never surprise? God. God knows everything about us. He knows what we have done, what are doing, and what we need. He is never caught off guard.

Jesus taught about it when he taught about prayer in Matthew 6:

“Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him”

God knows what we need before we ask him. He is never surprised by our needs, problems, or circumstances. He wants us to come to him, so we can grow in our relationship with him.

Whatever it is that we are facing in life, God already knows before we pray. That is all the more reason to pray to him.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

28 thoughts on “Story Time- Surprising My Assistant on Her Birthday

  1. I love that all forms of communication are understood by our loving Father. I love that nothing is too big, or too small to escape His notice. We are His loving focus and care. (Amazing!) How wonderful! (I’m so glad you and your students were able to surprise your assistant, it’s so heartwarming to bless someone who is a blessing). ♥

  2. I’m glad He knows what we need because I don’t know what I need! He even shows us what we need and what we’re missing. That’s pretty wonderful.

  3. Sounds like a very fun day! Reminding myself that there are no surprises with God helps me to accept the not-so-good surprises that catch me off guard! Knowing He is sovereign gives me peace.

  4. You and your class did a nice thing for your assisstant. I can bet you all had a great time. The gelatin looks too pretty to be eaten.
    Wonderful how you tied this story to the Lord. He certainly is not surprise by anything that we do or say. Have a blessed weekend.

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