A New Series- Let Their Voices Be Heard

The past few days I have shared posts by other bloggers for their voices to be heard as it relates to racism.

I have a bad knee so I can’t join a PEACEFUL protest. But I can share the voices of those affected by racism. Racism is an ugly hideous sin against our fellow human beings and also against our Creator who loves us all so much that Jesus died for ALL people.

I asked a man I know and respect if I could interview him for a series regarding racism in the church. We will Zoom chat about it tomorrow and brain storm. I promised him that I will share his answers unedited. At first I thought it would be one post, but my friend is a preacher so short answers in one post won’t do. 🙂

His name is Kevin. He shared a powerful message in a video and gave me permission to share on my blog. I am sharing it today because it is a message we need to hear and also to introduce him. Kevin has been a pastor and also has a ministry traveling to share Christ. I will share the first interview segment on Friday.

Please take time to watch Kevin’s video. Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “A New Series- Let Their Voices Be Heard

      1. Hmmm my phone must not be cooperating! I’ll try again later…I’m getting caught up with blogging out in the she shed LOL but I bet my Internet is better up at the house

      1. Oh totally okay Mat! Will try again. What truly matters is that messages against racism are heard for God abhors that sinful attitude. God loves us all regardless of color, race, language, culture, etc. In fact, He loves us all as if there were only one of us to love. May we all live in love and peace. In God. Thanks for encouraging us all Big Brother! ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Kevin’s message is sincere, honest, and powerful. In the name of Christ, we need to listen and redefine how we look at all minorities in this country.

    For those who cannot view the video, visit this post outside of WP. It will work just fine.

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