Let Their Voices Be Heard- The Outrage Should Be For George Floyd, Not The Riots — BEYOND MY LIMITATIONS

At this point we all know there is anger across the world and fueling on the streets as the protests for George Floyd’s murder turned into riots. It is justifiable anger; the death of George Floyd is yet another unarmed African American murdered at the hands of a White police officer. “Another” meaning there’s been […]

The Outrage Should Be For George Floyd, Not The Riots — BEYOND MY LIMITATIONS

8 thoughts on “Let Their Voices Be Heard- The Outrage Should Be For George Floyd, Not The Riots — BEYOND MY LIMITATIONS

  1. Matt, I know your intentions are good in reposting this. I’m as outraged as anyone over what happened. This post, however, goes beyond outrage to not only comparing these acts of violence to Jesus’s actions with the money changers in the temple, but also in condoning the crimes being committed around the world against people who took no part in Mr. Floyd’s death.

    It’s obvious to me that the author of this post really believes that Jesus unfairly punished innocent people for the actions of the money changers and that ‘protestors’ today should do the same.

    I’ve commented twice trying to get an answer to my questions about this, but she has deleted both comments. So now I’m asking you. Do you believe it’s acceptable and honorable to compare these acts of theft and violence to Jesus’s righteous and properly focused anger? And do you condone the crimes of violence that are being committed against people who have absolutely no guilt in what happened to Mr. Floyd? If not, why would you repost this incitement to senseless and undeserved violence and crime? I’m really just trying to understand. Thanks for hearing me out.

    1. I did not read it that way. I would never condone violence. I took it as an expression of outrage and using the example of Jesus in the temple to ask why we are not outraged.

      I shared it because there is outrage, justifiably so, in the Black community because of what they have been subjected to for centuries and that continues to today.

      I am sorry if you are offended by me sharing her post, but I think it is time we listen to what our African American neighbors are saying. We cannot understand if we do not listen.

      Again I did not read it the same as you did. I do not condone violence of any kind nor do I condone the looting that has been going on.

      1. Thanks Matt. She answered me and explained a little more about why she wrote what she did. I completely agree with you, we need to be listening and acting. I’m just not OK with the violence against people who are not guilty. Thanks so much for responding and understanding.

  2. Long after these voices have been heard and the protests quiet their voices, our country needs to take positive steps in removing inequality and injustice for all minorities: African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and others. Our actions will need to speak louder than the words spoken to keep the fire lite.

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