Jesus Cares about Refugees

I watched a video on Youtube by Kristina Kuzmic that explains what many refugees experience on the 4th of July- being triggered by fireworks.

As I watched the video, I remembered what happened one day when the Blue Angels were practicing for an air show in my city. They were flying over the city and the sound of the jets caused the children in English Language Learners class to hide under their desks in fear. They thought the war their families had fled in their country had come to my city. Translators had to come explain to the children there was no war here and the jets were practicing for an air show.

A Yazidi family from Iraq was being taken advantage of by a woman who worked for the property management company they rented a house from. The woman came and collected cash giving the husband a receipt each time. She actually pocketed the cash. The husband showed me the eviction notice letter for lack of paying rent for five months. He showed me the receipts the woman gave him. I told him we need the police to investigate. The thought of interacting with police scared him, so I told I would go with him. Happy ending was that the woman was fired from her job, arrested, and the husband was sent an apology letter from the company.

Just a few real life stories of what refugees experience. If these stories do not cause you to feel empathy, then consider this- Jesus was a refugee. Read Matthew 3 about Joseph being warned by an angel to take Jesus and Mary and flee to Egypt because the soldiers were coming to kill Jesus. The soldiers came and killed every male child under a certain age. Fleeing government soldiers who seek to kill you means you are a refugee.

My contention is that refugees have a special place in the heart of Jesus.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

22 thoughts on “Jesus Cares about Refugees

  1. Amen. You are so right. The Lord told us to be kind to strangers living among us. He looks out for the refugees. You are such a blessing to these wonderful people. The Lord will reward you richly. My daughter said that the first time she heard the fireworks she thought that they were gun shots.

  2. If you live in the “free world” you don’t know you’re alive. It’s that simply. So if your reading this and you were born in US, UK, even Ireland France Italy Spain 99.9% of your problems aren’t really problems.

    Great insightful post.

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