36 thoughts on “What to do about my hair

  1. The solutions for your hair are mentioned above, shave your head, get a number of hats that make a statement about who you are, get a haircut (if you don’t want to go to a barber–cut it yourself) or please yourself with small braids, hair spiked with hair styling gel, color it a crazy color, wear a toupee, and be uniquely Matt. Laugh and enjoy your new style! 😬😍

  2. Hahahaha wear a hat if you don’t want to cut it!!! Stocking cap season is here ….well except this coming week we’re looking at 70 degree weather!!😊

  3. Well Matt, I shouldn’t offer advice, but here goes. Just don’t do what I did. My last professional haircut was at the end of May. About two weeks ago, I finally bit the bullet. My wife and I tackled my wild hair with moderate success. By the way, when all else fails . . . wear a hat!

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