Who Jesus Is- John 3:31-36

If I were to divide John into theme sections, I would place chapters 1 to 3 as introduction to who Jesus is with chapter 4 beginning the section of Jesus’ miracles proving who he is.

It is fitting that at the end of chapter 3, John recaps the basic truths about Jesus in the first three chapters. It could be summed up as Jesus has all authority being from God and being God. The recap sets the stage for what will transpire in following chapters as Jesus shows who he is. Jesus is our creator who came into our fallen world to be our Savior.

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In verse 31 we see the contrast between Jesus and all others. Jesus is from above and speaks of things above with above being heaven. Those who are of the earth speak of earthly matters.

We also see in verse 33 that whoever accepts the words of Jesus certifies that God is truthful.

Verse 34 has a wonderful promise that God gives the Spirit without limit. Jesus teaches more about the Holy Spirit in later chapters.

In verse 35 we see two distinct persons- The Father and The Son. We see that The Father loves The Son-Jesus, and has given all things into Jesus’ hands. So we see even in the brief recap in John 3 that there are 3 distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit-the Trinity. It is so had for us to fathom 3 persons in perfect unity, oneness, who have existed for all eternity.

Analogies fall so short but one that I like is the sun in the sky. The sun exists in 3 forms and the same time, solid, liquid, and gas. It is one sun in the sky with three forms.

The chapter ends with a promise yet also a warning in verse 36:

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.

If we believe in Jesus, we have eternal life. Jesus only sees two groups of people, those who know him and those who do not. My desire is to share Jesus.

The recap is important and not to be overlooked as it sets the stage to the encounters people will have with Jesus in following chapters. In the following chapters, Jesus our creator and Savior shows who he is.

The question each person is faced with is who is Jesus to you and does it match up with the Jesus of the bible?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

17 thoughts on “Who Jesus Is- John 3:31-36

  1. I love your analogy of the Holy Trinity to the three forms of the sun. The book of John is a favorite of mine. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Blessings!🌺

  2. John is one of my favorite books of scripture. I’ve never thought about the early chapters as an introduction to who Jesus is. I love that and I love your analogy ❀

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