It has been literally MONTHS since I hung out at a coffee shop. With my city doing so much better with COVID, I decided that for my mental health to hang out a little at one of my favorite coffee shops.

The tables are spaced 6 feet apart and not many people here. Yes I am wearing a mask. This is my favorite mask to wear. I think you can see why in the picture below.

But due to already drinking three cups of coffee this morning, I am now drinking hot chocolate. More snow came this morning but not much and it is already melting.

I have my laptop with me and also printed out pages of the book I am working on to do some editing.

It feels so good to get out and see people. I told a few jokes to the barrista. Now it is time to get to work.

How is your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

36 thoughts on “COFFEE SHOP TIME!!!

  1. We are going to visit the ocean, an staying in an Airbnb to try to avoid a lot of people and where we can do the cleaning amd disinfecting. I just want to stand in front of the oean and exhale all of my anxieties and darkness out.

  2. Glad you were able to get out. We are having a peaceful Sunday relaxing at home today. Everything is open down here in Florida and has been for a long time. We always enjoy going to the shops in town. It’s good to be out and about and chat with folks. Enjoy the day. Hot chocolate sounds good.😊 Blessings!

  3. I used to visit our local coffee shop. It was a great place to meet people and to share the gospel. With COVID-19 very few people frequthe the coffee shop.😔

    Prayerfully things will change by spring. 🙂👣

  4. It’s great you were able to get out today, Matt. I’m sure the baristas enjoyed hearing some new jokes. We were back in church today for the first time since the blizzard (that’s what we call an 8 inch snow down here). My congregation has met in a hybrid format (in person and online) since June without any major difficulties. There have been a few positive cases, but none were contact traced back to the church meetings as a probable starting point.

    Yesterday, we got out and about for the first time. We stopped at a Sam’s Club for some necessities and saw the cutest little generator at the end of aisle 17. She came home with us! Thank you for the stimulus money, Uncle Sam. Anyway, I tested out this little gem yesterday afternoon and was able to power the most important things in our home. So no more going without heat in sub-zero weather!

    Sorry to write you a novel here. I will stop now. God’s best to you, brother!

  5. At least your city is doing better and things are opening up. In my county, we are in the worst tier, things are opening up anyway, no one is holding anyone accountable and people are acting like there is nothing going on. It’s disheartening… no one is following the rules.

  6. Yay! Restaurants just opened up here last week so we are planning on taking the family out tomorrow for my youngest sons birthday! Must feel so wonderful to get out and do what you love again.

      1. Just the normal everyday stuff like the grocery store. I have not gotten out to the restaurant yet, except the drive thru. I actually went to the office 3 days this week.

      2. Yes it is good to see everyone. I’ll be there again Monday. We have an audit going on. But I do love working from home. Are you in the office at all?

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