Summer Plans

Yesterday I finished closing out my classroom for the year. As I interacted with my fellow teachers, we talked about our summer plans. Summer plans are always a big topic of conversation for teachers. In the past, I have enjoyed ministry trips to other countries during the summer. Due to COVID, there will sadly be no international travel for me this summer, but I do have some plans. One of them begins today.

After my morning conversation group today, I will go to a- can you guess where?- to hang out for the afternoon. I’ll give you a hint. It is a place that makes that magical beverage.

I will bring my Greek textbook and workbook. I will also bring my commentaries on the Book of Acts in the bible. It is time for some deep studies to begin. My summer plans? Refresh my Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish.

Another focus will be on my weekend groups. This weekend will only be the second weekend we are meeting again. Now that the mask mandate is over, I can teach a language without wearing a mask. I can finally model pronunciation again.

For my fellow Northern Hemisphere dwellers, what are your summer plans? For Southern Hemisphere dwellers, what are your winter plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

28 thoughts on “Summer Plans

      1. I am taking courses from Masterclass on writing fiction and nonfiction. I also hope to really look at the five or so chapters of a book about God’s rescue of me through various trials that really helped solidify the reality of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for me. The rescues are nearly all just like an encounter with Jesus or God, found in the Bible such as a man in front of Woolworth in Atlanta praying for my child with meningitis and afterwards telling me that he would be well when I got to the hospital that night, and he was, after 18 days of fever. The fever broke at exactly the time the man prayed. But, I don’t want to sound as if I am blessed and people whose children died weren’t. You know?

  1. I guess my Summer plans are to study for my learners license and attempt something I thought I would never do: learn to drive. I’ve always had my reasons why not to. But the reasons to do this seem to outweigh my reasons not to now.

  2. I plan to be outside more than last year! I also want to take more pictures of the wildlife and plants in my neighborhood to post. Just make myself get out of this house finally for enjoyment rather than necessity.

  3. Happy summer! All the best with your plans although those languages sound difficult.

    My plan is to take one day at a time following the Lord as He leads! Anytime I made a plan it never work out the way I planned it so I will allow God to lead the way.

  4. Sounds like a studious weekend for you Matt. I didn’t know you were that prolific in the language’s. I learned French and
    Spanish in high school, and I took a beginner’s class in ASL a year ago.
    No plans yet for summer except maybe a few camping excursions. I love camping in the great outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest. Have a fun-filled blessed week!

  5. πŸ€” It depends on weather. The weather can be unpredictable. When I was a little girl, a looong time ago, I lived in Seattle. We lived on a dead end private road. We had the woods and a small crick in our backyard. In the summer us kids would take our sleeping bags out to the backyard and sleep under the stars. So much fun. β›Ί

  6. Nice!!! Sounds fun!!! And kinda relaxing!
    We have a trip planned to Texas with the kids, driving there….hopefully they get along or it’s gonna be a really looooong ride!

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