Getting Back to the Old Normal?

The shutdown lasted long enough for life as it was during the shutdown to become my new normal. I led my Life Group through a study in John via Zoom, taught in Zoom, got used to staying home most of the time, and watching church online.

We had a plan for Life Group to study through Acts in the bible, but then there was a sudden change of interest to study Revelation. When it occurred, my response was let me think about it. As I thought about it, I shared a group study guide for Revelation suggesting we go back to taking turns. Why?

The past few weeks, God has been showing me it is time to return to my old normal, My old normal was coming to Life Group about 50% of the time because of ministry opportunities such as cultural celebrations, invitations to visit people from other countries in their homes etc.

My weekend groups have started and now it is time to begin visiting people again. This afternoon I will meet a new friend from Brazil at a coffee shop.

I am grateful for the different opportunities during the shutdown, but it is time to return to the ministry God has called me to.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

10 thoughts on “Getting Back to the Old Normal?

  1. You’re welcome. Right now? I’m tired. Its 11:00 pm playing catch up, and my cat is meowing for my attention. 😌

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