Story Time- Heat Waves and Airports

It is going to be a HOT day today where I live, which is just a normal part of life here. It will be 104 F, 40 C. Yesterday was a hot one too. The recent heat wave reminds me of two different experiences walking out of airports.

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In June 2010, I went to Ensenada Mexico for a ministry trip. We had a rough heat wave where live the days before we left. We landed in San Diego California where it was a 72 F, 22C, day. When I walked out of the airport there, it was so nice that I wondered if they needed ESL teachers there. I even looked up things like cost of living in San Diego, which after doing so I realized I could not afford to live there. πŸ™‚

In July 2015, I returned from Brazil after five weeks of teaching English at a university in a small city in the mountains of Southern Brazil. With Brazil being in the Southern Hemisphere, it is winter there when it is summer in the USA. The ‘winter’ in Brazil meant it was about 65 F, 18C, each day. It was so comfortable for me. I love cooler weather. When I returned to my city in the USA, it was a hot and humid day here. When I walked out of the airport the heat was too much, I wanted to go back in the airport and catch a flight back to Brazil, but I had to start teaching a few days later, so I stayed.

Both experiences illustrate something about me. I don’t like hot weather, So why I do continue living in a place that is unbearably hot in the summers you might ask? Good question, Thanks for asking. πŸ™‚

God has called me to share the love of Jesus with the refugees and immigrants living in my city. That has been what has kept me here. God has called me to be here.

So on days like today, I am grateful for that wonderful invention called air-conditioning. I will hang out at a coffee shop for a while after my morning and afternoon class and then relax at home in the air-conditioning.

What about you? Do like extremely hot days?

Thank you for reading. God Bless,

40 thoughts on “Story Time- Heat Waves and Airports

  1. God has blessed you with a wonderful ministry of helping others.

    I prefer cooler weather too, Matt.
    The climate here is temperate, so it stays within a moderate range. πŸ€—

      1. I’m doing well! I’m a little busy but still making time to pray and have a devotion everyday. I’m currently in the process of trying to book my vaccine and trying to get a disability nurse to take care of me during the day after my sister leaves back to England. Thanks for asking ❀

  2. It is amazing the changes in the weather where you live. The winter is cold and summer is extremely hot. I thank God every day that I live in the tropical. Maybe the Lord will open a new area of ministry in a temperate climate. But I know you love working with the immigrants so the good outweighs that bad climate. πŸ™‚

  3. I love hot weather with a little breeze to cool me as I walk :).
    As above, God has bless your heart and also your body to take the heat and bring the good news to all. It is encouraging to me that I might go into a very cold place to share the good news one day πŸ™‚

      1. πŸ˜‚ warm coat and many layers. Thanks for the reassurance πŸ€—
        Sorry couldn’t make yesterday, out the whole day. Missed you all. Have a blessed week 😊

  4. It’s hot in the summer where I live too, Matt. I try to limit my outdoor activities to the early morning and evening hours. Of course the mosquitoes enjoy keeping those hours too.😣

    Being where God plants us is a good thing. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m planted in the right place. Thank you for your blog ministry. I enjoy reading your thoughts. Blessings!

  5. You do a great job in what God has called you to do!!
    Personally I have to step outside (away from my air conditioning) for warmup breaks!!πŸ˜‚I definitely prefer the heat over cold.

  6. Thanks for sharing about your calling and ministry! Brazil sounds like a beautiful place. For me, I love cool weather. Nairobi Kenya has cool weather so adjusting to humidity here over the summer (East Coast) is hard at times.

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