A Spark Can Come When Least Expected

I was not planning on posting today. But then I went to church. God is always at work, but at church one never knows what God will do. It can be the smallest things that sparks my creativity.

Photo by Viktoria on Pexels.com

I happened to run into the worship director for my church in the hallway. This was the first time that has happened since she came here last fall. We chatted briefly and I mentioned I would be emailing her about creative ministry. I had actually talked with her in July, but life happens, online courses to teach and such.

I shared with her that she shares the same first name as my favorite Christian artist Lauren Daigle. She told, “I am friends with her.” I am not making a big deal of that, but just interacting with the worship director in a “chance” meeting in the hallway at church got my attention.

So I finally did it. I emailed her the links to three of my short stories. My hope is to make them into short films.

The timing of this “chance” encounter is interesting to me. After four more weeks, I will have my evenings free to devote to projects and writing. My creativity has been sparked again. We will see where it leads.

How was your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

25 thoughts on “A Spark Can Come When Least Expected

      1. Yes it is Matt especially when my daughter is in so much pain from the tumors in her body I bring this song on my phone and remind her that God is holding her. 🙂❤️

  1. So happy for the new levels God is taking you bro. This gets me every Sunday. I wake up not wanting to go to church and then i get to church and something just happens that makes my entire week brighter

  2. I love the way God works and brings things together. Wonderful news and looking forward to watching the short films. Grace to you and I bet you will want to meet Lauren Daigle one day, I will 🙂

    Sunday, I walked with a friend after church who needed fresh air, home and relax and braid my hair for the week.

    Hope you are doing well today. Love your song today, thank you for another good choice. Have a blessed and fun week. xoxo

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