Conversation With A Student

Each month the moms make a new calendar for our class. It gives them ownership of the classroom. I admire their creativity and all I do is tell them important dates to put on the calendar such as birthdays, days of no school etc. THis was September’s.

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of the moms. Hsar Ro Paw is one of my Karen People students. She has made so much progress over the past two years. We had the conversation while she was working on the calendar. It went like this:

Hsar- teacher you have the 14th as no school and the 27th as PLC Day.

Me- Yes that’s right.

Hsar- teacher are you sure about the 14th and the 27th?

Me- I’ll look.

After I looked and realized my mistake.

Me- You are right Hsar Ro Paw. It is the 15th no school and the 26th PLC Day. I was looking at the calendar for next year.

Hsar- okay teacher. As she smiled.

We do have fun in class.

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