Perceptions Vary

The looks on their faces said it all that October morning many years ago. My young Vietnamese students were shocked to see how their teacher was dressed. It was a typical mid October morning where I live. It was 35F/1.6C but would warm up to 65f/18c in the afternoon.

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My young friends were wearing coats and gloves. One even had a scarf and winter hat. They saw me walking in shorts and a sweatshirt. They could not believe their eyes. They were worried and asked, “teacher aren’t you cold?”

A similar scenario occurred in July 2015 in Brazil. When it is summer in the USA, it is ‘winter’ in Brazil. I found their winter to be quite comfortable and nothing like a Midwest USA winter. One afternoon I walked into the university I was teaching at wearing pants and a short sleeve shirt. It was a nice afternoon for me of 65f/18c. I walked past the office for the young women working in the media/internet department. They waved for me to come in the office. They were wearing coats. They asked me, “voce nao esta frio?” Aren’t you cold?

Perceptions vary. One person’s nice day is another person’s cold day.

Perception is why I need to spend time reading God’s word. At times my perception of my circumstances is that they are too difficult. I need the reminder that nothing is difficult for God. Then I can look to him in prayer to ask for help.

Do you like cool days? What would you think if on a morning of 35f/1.6c, you saw me walking outside wearing shorts and a sweatshirt?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “Perceptions Vary

  1. I do like cool days especially after a long hot Summer. Or when it’s too warm in our suite because the heating is goofy in this house: it takes a lot to heat the upper floors. We in the basement suite warm up quickly. I cracked open a window today. Cool is nice.

    1.6C might be a bit too cool for wearing shorts. You must run a very warm temp. Andrew does too. He wears shorts most of the time.

    Stay cool Dad 😎 Love you! ❀

  2. I’d say to myself, “Matt must REALLY need some coffee.” This is a great reminder how perception can often become reality. My dear great-grandmother was a wonderful Christian lady, but she was always “sick.” If you asked her how her day was going, she’d often say, “I don’t feel well.” She lived to be 87 years old. Blessings!

      1. I like cold weather if I am wrapped up warm and keep moving. I hate to BE cold as it triggers childhood discomfort of chilblains all over my frozen body – even on my face.

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