My Fall Break Plans

The schools where I live have fall break starting tomorrow. The children will have no school tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday. For us teachers, we have a planning day tomorrow and have next Monday and Tuesday off. I definitely have big plans.

The first part of my plan is sleep. I plan to take some naps. My bed is insisting that I take naps. πŸ™‚

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The second part of my plan may come as a surprise. I plan to hang out at my favorite coffee shop. There is something about hanging out at a coffee shop that stimulates my writing. Seeing the different kinds of people sparks something in my brain for writing. The coffee helps too.

My other plan is to practice my Spanish some more by watching some shows in Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, the classroom next to mine is an ELL classroom for Level 1 students. They are beginning English Language Learners. One of the little girls got lost her first week, and I helped her find her way. Each morning I greet her in Spanish. When I greet her in Spanish, she giggles. She is so cute.

Of course as always, I plan to spend time with Jesus. In fact I have a study in the Book of Acts I want to start.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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