It’s A Wrap

It’s a wrap today on another semester during another COVID year. Today will be the last class for 2021.

We will start off with a baby shower for one of the moms whose due date is January 17th. That will be followed by what I call The Rotary Store. Rotary Club 14 in my city adopted the school I teach in and has done a lot for the school and my class over the years. Each year they donate items for a free garage sale and the items are nice. The moms will choose what they like to take home.

I am grateful we made it through the semester with none of my students getting COVID and none of their children as well. I am proud of my students for staying with the class even with the protocols we have to follow. Normally on the last day of first semester, they would bring food and we make a party out of it, but this year that is not allowed. We wear masks in the building which makes teaching a language interesting.

One of the moms enjoys craft projects. She takes the cardboard rolls from paper towels and makes star ornaments out of them. She graciously showed the moms in class how to make them for a class project. We gave one to each teacher/staff member of the school yesterday.

We are ending on a high note and this teacher is looking forward to a two week break. My only plans are to relax, spend time with Jesus, blog, and hang out at the coffee shop.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

29 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap

  1. Congrats on a successful semester, Matt. Every picture of you at school, I’ve noticed you’re grinning from ear to ear. Come to think of it, you seem like a pretty happy guy 24/7. It looks like God has you in the perfect place—helping others. Have a blessed Christmas.

      1. Yeah, for sure. We actually see gators all the time in the ponds here in our neighborhood. We have to be careful. Somebody just caught a 7 foot bull shark right off the pier at Venice Beach a few days ago. That is where we watch the sunset. We swim near there in the summer too. Definitely not swimming close to the pier. 🐊🦈

  2. You will nap too!! …and maybe burn some food?
    I shouldn’t have told you the other day that I haven’t burnt anything for a while because yesterday I made ginger cookies and kept them in the oven a little too long, they had a crunch rather than being soft like they should have been! Oopsy!

      1. Haha yes I read that!! Matt said when I listen to music and get distracted that the end of the song needs to be the indicator to go check my food!!😂

      2. No because when I burnt cookies I didn’t have music going, I had company over😂😂😂and we got to visiting and I forgot about the cookies!!!

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