This May Surprise You But….

The semester is officially over. I left the school a little while ago and my two week break begins now. This may surprise you but the first thing I did was head to the coffee shop.

My mind is a bit of a mush right now. The past few days have been crazy busy. But I have plenty of time to relax. For now I can enjoy that magic beverage called coffee.

Two weeks of nothing that needs to be done, no doctors to see, sleeping as much as my heart desires, spending time with Jesus, hanging out at the coffee shop, binge watching shows, and taking naps.

No snow for Christmas which is more than okay with me. Tomorrow will be 60f/15c. I am hoping we have one of those warmer winters. It is a cycle we have seen all my life 2 or 3 hard winters, 1 really hard winter, and then a mild one. After the past winter, I am ready for a mild one. We have not had a mild one for a while.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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