A Whirlwind of Activity First Day of Spring Break

This morning by habit I woke up at 6 , which felt like an epic failure on the first day of spring break. I made up for with a two hour nap 7:30 to 9:30. Then it was off to church to meet with my friend from Venezuela for conversation practice.

Then it was time for a brief Zoom meeting with my students from Burma. She is on maternity leave from my morning class having had a baby January 17th, but she has her U.S. Citizenship interview/test Tuesday, so we practice the question.

Now I am at the coffee shop hoping to catch up with fellow bloggers. I also hear my bed calling out to that perhaps another nap is needed.

It is a whirlwind of activity for this coffee purist/teacher.

How is your Saturday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

20 thoughts on “A Whirlwind of Activity First Day of Spring Break

  1. My Saturday started with a men’s prayer breakfast . We had 32 guys in attendance! Next, I came home to do some reading and studying for a master’s degree (in administration) I’m working toward. I’ve also been catching up on blogging and checking in on other bloggers. What do you think of my new site logo?😄 Please be kind. It cost me a fortune.😳. Enjoy your spring break, Matt. We are spring breaking too!

  2. That nap sure sounded good, Big Brother. My day started when I woke at 5:30 a.m. this morning, an hour later than usual. I also tried our newer coffee shop. I must say, I was impressed. Then, it was off to see my youngest daughter and grandson who lives an hour away. And hubby and I ate Chinese afterwards…Now, I’m in need of a little nap myself.🥱🙊

  3. Even though you posted this 4 days ago, there’s always time for coffee. My Saturday was spent working. I didn’t get a chance to drink coffee and felt groggy all day. Shift work is rough, but I look forward to coffee – even decaf is good!

      1. I work mostly evening shifts (1515 – 2330). I am usually at the hospital for 10 hours per shift. I try to get there early to do research and leave late to make sure everything gets done. I used to work day shifts but I am not a morning person. Day shifts were always rough. I would be up as early as 0430.

      2. Yes, I am a RN. It feels weird saying that because I still feel like a newbie. I’m a casual relief nurse so I fill in for people who are on vacation, sick leave etc.

      3. I work on a rehab unit, specially one that deals with geriatrics and med/surg patients. I’m not sure if nuring was my calling but I always wanted to work at a hospital and ended up getting 2 university degrees in the meantime. I wish I would have gone into nursing sooner. My biggest regret was spending 8.5 years in university 😅 Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy helping people and advocating for patients. I don’t socialize much so going to work allows me to interact with people 🙂

      4. Ironically, I initally wanted to do pediatrics but that didn’t work out. I tell people that I didn’t choose geriatrics. Geriatrics chose me.

        P.S. I stay far away from pediatrics after a bad clinical rotation in nursing school. I still have to visit that pediatric hospital and pray that my former instructor isn’t there.

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