Story Time- Coloring Easter Eggs

Last Thursday the moms in my class enjoyed an activity with the children in the ELL Level 1 class. First they had a scavenger hunt they did together. Then it was time to color some Easter Eggs.

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I joined them for the coloring Easter Eggs part. First to take pictures and then I sat down with them and colored an Easter Egg. The children were very creative in how they colored their eggs as were the moms in my class. Stickers were added, various colors were on each egg, and the paper they worked on somehow was clean except a few spots of color here and there.

As for me, we let’s just say my egg was perhaps the least creative. I used wax to make a smile face which didn’t look so great. It may surprise you to know that the paper under the spot where I was working somehow ended up being the messiest. There were big splotches or coloring all over.

It might just so happen that when I lowered the egg with the little wire thing, my egg rolled off and plopped into the water. In my defense, I think such wire contraptions are designed for little fingers to use not for the fingers of a guy who played American football in his youth and often taped fingers together to take care of injured fingers.

The children did not notice my little work area being the messiest. The moms might have commented on it. But fun was had by all.

Children are precious to Jesus. They bring joy and laughter into life. But they are also vulnerable and need to be protected. They also need a blessing in the morning. It is my privilege to speak with them as they go to their classroom and wish them a good day in school.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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