Hello Saturday My Old Friend

It has been a crazy busy week but my old friend Saturday is here. It is time to enjoy some relaxation. My agenda for the day is full. Here is my whirlwind of activity plan.

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

Catch up with other blogs and comments on my blog. It was a hectic week, so I got behind on interacting with bloggers, but today I can catch up.

Take a nap πŸ™‚

Go to the coffee shop where I can people watch, do some writing, read a book, and of course drink some coffee.

Come home and watch movies.

I imagine just reading my action packed agenda has you feeling dizzy and wondering how ca person can do so much on a Saturday. But hey, that’s what Saturdays are for.

Seriously though, as someone who lives with chronic illnesses, days to relax are golden.

What are your Saturday plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “Hello Saturday My Old Friend

  1. I planned to get a hair cut today but my barber has the flu.πŸ€’It’s been a busy week for me too. I need to catch up on the blogs I follow as wellβ€”including yours, Matt! Enjoy your day, brother!

  2. My plans are to catch up on reading and responding to bloggers comments. Hopefully get a visit from our two granddaughters (5 years old and 5 months old). Enjoy your day.

  3. Sounds like great plans to me! I am doing a bit of reading myself with the dogs curled up beside me. Husband and oldest boys out working today, daughter practicing a singing game on the Wii ( fun to listen to) and youngest boy playing Legos with his best friend ( also fun to listen to). Overall, a nice day for simple pursuits.

  4. Saturday came and went, in a blur. I was Mom’s Taxi for extra dancing rehearsals, did some housework, and read my book. The reading was definitely the best part! πŸ˜‰

      1. Only if I can have the suit too πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ (I’d need at least two… because they’d be worn every day… and one needs to be washed at some stage πŸ˜› )

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