By Faith- Hall of Fame Moms

Hebrews chapter 11 is often referred to as the Faith Hall of Fame because it lists people from the Old Testament who by faith in God saw amazing things happen. Apart from how God chose to work through them, one thing that escapes our attention is that they were ordinary people, ordinary people God did amazing things through. The focus of the people mentioned is either on those in the genealogical line of Jesus or who are significant in the history of Israel. If we read their stories in the Old Testament, we will see their failures and flaws, but God does not focus on those in Hebrews 11.

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God continues to do amazing things through ordinary every day kind of people. For those who respond in faith to Jesus, wonderful things can happen. Instantaneous miracles tend to grab our attention, but what about responding in faith daily while serving Jesus?

Moms come to mind when I think about people who respond in faith day in and day out as they nurture the young souls entrusted to them. Moms who carry their babies inside them dealing with all the discomfort. Moms who unable to conceive adopt children and love them. Moms who understand that reading those silly stories with little ones lead to the development that later results in college degrees. Moms who love their children with Downs Syndrome, Autism or other developmental disabilities. Moms who care their for their sick children some battling serious illness.

So please allow me to make a Hebrews 11 type of list for some moms whose blogs I follow. There are so many to choose from, so if I mention you, please tag other moms that come to your mind. If I listed all of the moms whose blogs I follow who follow Jesus, this post would be a book, so in the interest of brevity here is an abbreviated Moms Hall of Fame ala Hebrews 11 style.

Temi of By faith Temi came to the USA from Nigeria, served in the U.S. Army, got married, got her degrees, and is raising her two little boys along with her husband.

Dawn of By faith as a single mom, Dawn raised an amazing daughter who is bilingual speaking English and Spanish. By faith she has risen in life to not only be working but also working on her Masters Degree.

Patty of By faith Patty loves and cares for her son who has Autism and Epilepsy. Patty loves her son Aaron and cares for him.

Euyadeen of By faith Euyadeen cares for her children including one who lives with serious chronic illnesses. By faith Euyadeen serves God as a chaplain.

Viv of By faith she is parenting her children while they all grieve the loss of Viv”s husband, her children’s father. By faith she lives for Jesus while living with MS.

Hannah of By faith Hannah loves her children and spends time with them while dealing with a terminal illness hoping for life with her children to continue.

Ruth of By faith Ruth cares for her family, homeschools her children all while living with chronic illness.

As I mentioned earlier, this list could go on. There are so many moms whose blog I follow and am blessed by. To all of you moms. I wish you a Happy and Blessed Mothers Day.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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