Move At The Speed of Trust

Do you ever hear something and react-YES!!! that says what I have thought for a long time? I had that experience yesterday at my office, aka coffee shop, while meeting with two women who organize CLC in Title I schools in my city. CLC is Community Learning Centers.

We were talking about working with refugees and immigrants when one of them said, “we move at the speed of trust.” My reaction was, “I love that!! That is spot on. Who said that?” They told me Cormac Russell said it.

We move at the speed of trust. Why did that grab my attention?

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My work and ministry with refugees and immigrants have shown me the importance of taking time to listen, to not rush in, to be patient, to let them share their stories as they feel is okay. Building trust is worthwhile. By letting other people develop trust with me, it fosters a relationship that can last.

I do not want to make the mistake of thinking just because I am a Christian that it makes me an expert on all things. My role is not to be the answer man about everything. My role is to share Christ, his love, and the saving message of the gospel.

My role in the lives of others may vary depending on the situation. Maybe my role is sowing the seed of the gospel. Maybe my role is watering. By moving at the speed of trust, it opens opportunities. If I rush, it can close a person down.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “Move At The Speed of Trust

      1. Actually the time is moving at the speed of “where’d it go?!” so it’s hard for me to believe the 4th is just around the corner!! How about you?

  1. I like that quote “we move at the speed of trust” and that’s true. You have a lot of experience with building relationships built on trust.

      1. It’s been hectic. Found out I have 2 blood clots in my leg but on a positive note my daughter will be here this week 🤗

      2. Sorry to hear about this, Dawn. I pray that you will get better soon. Get some rest. I pray 🙏 that the Lord will heal those legs.

  2. Words of wisdom – “move at the speed of trust” Sometimes we want to rush things when God is saying wait. Thank you for this reminder.

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