Looking Back?

In a TV show one character trying to talk someone out of harming themselves said, “Do you know why the rear view mirror in a car is so much smaller than the windshield? Because what is in front of us is so much more than what is behind us.”

Photo by Shukhrat Umarov on Pexels.com

I would agree that what lies ahead is so much better than what is behind me. Eternity with Jesus is going to be wonderful. But there is benefit to looking back and remembering what the Lord has done.

In Psalm 105 we are encouraged to:

“Remember the wonders he has done,
    his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced”

Yesterday when I was in the coffee shop, I ran into someone I have not seen since I was a teenager. It was a pleasant chance encounter. We caught up a little. I asked about his brothers and sister and got updates on what they are doing these days. He was busy with his friends, I went back to my table to work on more writing.

That ‘chance’ encounter took me back to the days of my wild teen years. That along with chatting with my friend with the semi colon tattoo and telling her next time we meet I will share with her about my life at 24 has had me thinking about how far the Lord has brought me.

Jesus got a hold of me and changed my life. He has taken me from being the young person everyone else kind of wrote off in life because of partying too much and not caring about anything to being where I am now in life. He has led me to be a home missionary who has also traveled out of the country on 11 ministry trips. He has led me to be an ESL teacher, blogger, friend to refugees and immigrants and much more.

Looking back for me yesterday was a reminder that God has done great things in my life and helped me overcome so much. Looking back can be a faith builder for us to have confidence when future difficulties come.

Even looking back over this year, I see so many ways that God blessed me. Just this past fall he blessed me with financial help through former members of a mentoring group I led, through my church, and through an anonymous donor.

If you look back over what God has done, what can you see?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Looking Back?

  1. Your post reminded me of Psalm 126:3, “The Lord has done great things for us and through us, and we should be glad of them!” (My paraphrase.) And we only know a few of those things! Hallelujah and Amen!

  2. I’m trying to imagine your “wild teen years” 😂. But in truth I agree with you. It’s important we celebrate our successes and how far we’ve come – especially when it comes to Jesus, our faith, and how far He has brought us. I read a quote a fellow blogger shared just today – the past is a place of reference, not of residence. Referencing those things comes in handy, as long as we don’t stay there. God bless you, big brother 🙏❤️.

      1. I’m doing good. Can’t believe the new year is almost here! 2019 was blessed even through the difficulties. How are you?

  3. I always feel the Spirit admonishing me for casual ingratitude. When I worry about something, He seems to ask “did you so quickly forget what My hands have done for you?” Thank you for this reminder to be grateful for the past as well as the future! Amen!

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